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Supported Living
for vulnerable adults

Supported Living allows individuals with diverse abilities to lead fulfilling lives with personalised care and support.

What is Supported Living for vulnerable adults all about?

Supported Living is a service provided to vulnerable adults who require assistance to live independently in their own home. The service is an alternative to institutional care and is designed to provide people with greater freedom to live their lives on their terms. Supported Living offers a unique blend of accommodation, support, and care, which meets individual needs and promotes personal growth and development.

Supported Living is available to a wide range of vulnerable adults, including those with physical disabilities, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and autism. The service is delivered by care providers who work closely with individuals and their families to design a tailored package of support that meets their specific needs.

The level of support provided varies depending on individual needs. Some people may require regular visits from care workers to help with household tasks, while others may require more intensive support, such as 24-hour care and assistance with personal care.

The benefits of Supported Living for vulnerable adults

One of the significant benefits of Supported Living is that it allows vulnerable adults to live on their terms, giving them greater control over their lives. Supported Living services are designed to support people in making choices and decisions that are right for them, enabling them to lead independent lives.

Supported Living housing options are often purpose-built or adapted to meet people’s needs, ensuring that they have suitable accommodation that is safe and accessible. The properties themselves may be owned by the care provider, or individuals may choose to rent or buy their homes, with support from their care provider.

In addition to providing support with daily living tasks, supported living services also offer opportunities for social interaction, education, and personal development. Care providers may offer various activities and workshops designed to help individuals develop skills, build confidence and pursue their interests.

Here are some ways in which Supported Living for vulnerable adults can help:

Tailored support: Each individual receives a customised support plan that is tailored to their specific needs and abilities.

Increased independence: Supported living fosters independence and autonomy by enabling valuable adults to live on their own with assistance from care staff.

Flexibility: Supported living offers flexibility, allowing valuable adults to choose their own schedule and activities while also receiving the necessary assistance.

Sense of community: Supported Living helps build a sense of community and belonging by providing valuable adults with the opportunity to interact with others who have similar interests and experiences.

Improved quality of life: Supported Living can lead to an improved quality of life for valuable adults by providing them with access to education, employment opportunities, and recreational activities.

Health and wellbeing: Supported Living provides valuable adults with access to medical and wellness support, including assistance with medication management, physical therapy, and mental health counselling.

Supported Living

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Our approach to support

Our supported living service ensures that the individual has a discharge plan in to the community when he or she is admitted.

A qualified team of practitioners supports each individual supported here, maintaining therapeutic relationships and ensuring continuity of care.

In order to maintain and develop functional skills, social inclusion, and independence, Manu Intergrty staff will provide a recovery focused service.

Choose from carers who best match your lifestyle.

As soon as we understand your care needs, we will present you with several bespoke options that fit your needs and leave the decision up to you.

Within 24 hours, meet your carer and begin your care!

Our goal is to have your care set up and running within 24 hours, so you can receive the assistance you need immediately.