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Nutritional Care

Promoting a healthy life through a balanced diet. 

What is nutrional care?

Nutritional care in domiciliary care refers to the provision of food and dietary support for individuals receiving care in their own homes. This type of care involves assessing an individual’s nutritional needs and then providing appropriate food and drink that can help to maintain and improve their health.

Nutritional care is important in domiciliary care as many individuals may have specific dietary requirements due to their health conditions or age. For instance, some individuals may have difficulties swallowing, which requires the provision of soft, easy-to-eat food. Similarly, those with diabetes may require a specific diet plan to manage their blood sugar levels.

The goal of nutritional care

The goal of nutritional care is to prevent certain diseases associated with nutrient deficiencies. For example, people who do not get enough vitamin C can develop scurvy, a disease characterised by bleeding gums, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Similarly, iron deficiency leads to anemia, which can cause weakness, shortness of breath, and pale skin. Nutritional care aims to prevent these diseases by ensuring the body receives an adequate amount of necessary nutrients.

How we can help with your nutritional needs