Manu Integrity Services

Night Care

You can rest assured that someone is looking after you all night long. We provide support and care when needed.

What is night care?

Night care in home care refers to the provision of professional care services for an individual in their own home throughout the night. This could be in the form of our trained caregiver who stays overnight to monitor and assist you with all their needs.

Night care in home care is particularly useful for individuals who suffer from chronic conditions or disabilities that require constant monitoring and assistance throughout the night. Our caregivers can  provides services such as medication reminders, assistance with toileting, mobility, and any other activities of daily living the individual may need assistance with.

Waking night

Waking night care is a type of home care service that provides support during the night for individuals who require assistance and supervision. It involves our trained caregiver staying awake and alert throughout the night to provide care and assistance as needed.

This type of care is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or epilepsy who may experience sleep disturbances or require assistance with activities such as toileting, medication management, or mobility. Waking night care can also be helpful for family caregivers who require support or respite during the night.

Sleep-in night

Sleeping night care involves the carer sleeping in your home during the night, but still being on call if you need assistance at any time during the night

How can our carers help during the night?