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Funding Options

As we age, our medical needs become more complicated and require a lot of care and attention. This can become quite expensive, and as individuals or families, it may not always be possible to cover the cost of care on our own. Here in the UK, there are different options for funding care, and which one you go for depends on your individual circumstances.


The first option is self-funding. This is when you pay for your care directly from your own income, savings, and assets. This option is suitable for individuals who have assets such as property or investments that can be used to pay for care. Some may choose to sell their home and use the proceeds to pay the cost of their care.

Local Authority funding

For individuals who cannot self-fund their care, Local Authority funding may be an option. The Local Authority carries out an assessment of an individual’s needs and financial situation to determine if they are eligible for funding. For those eligible, the Local Authority provides funding for care, although there may be a financial contribution required from the individual.

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is another option for individuals with complex health needs. This option is fully funded by the NHS and is for individuals who require ongoing care, such as those with long-term illnesses, or those with disabilities. To be eligible for this funding, an individual’s health needs must be assessed, and they must meet the NHS eligibility criteria.


Another option for funding care is an annuity. This involves an individual purchasing an annuity product, which provides regular income throughout their lifetime to pay for their care. The amount received from an annuity depends on factors such as age, life expectancy, and the amount invested.

Care Fees Plan

A Care Fees Plan is a financial plan that allows individuals to pay for their care costs while protecting their assets. This plan involves taking out an insurance policy that pays a regular income towards care costs. The premium for this plan depends on factors such as age, health status, and the amount of cover required.