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Our Services

Our Services

We strive to cater for the vulnerable young adults and Elderly, by consolidating exceptional expertise in care and cleaning services. Some of the key elements of our service packages are below.

Our care manager will liaise with the family, social worker, commissioner and oversee every aspect of our client’s needs. We ensure that all the necessary elements are in place before home care package commences.

This information combined with a full assessment of the client needs, the kind of care and support that is required will provide us with valuable information that will enable us to select appropriate fully trained, qualified and experienced carers to deliver personalised high quality care package designed to support our client’s needs .The duration and frequency of visit will be agreed with the client in the initial assessment process.

Temporary/long-term staffing

Our staff are empowered individuals with the right skills to contribute to your businesses success or individual needs, whether it is Healthcare needs or cleaning services that are required.

Domiciliary Care

We work with each person to help them develop a Person Centered Plan. We work with the person’s wider circle, their families, friends, advocates and other professionals to ensure the plan truly reflects their needs and preferences. The plan is outcomes focused and includes details of all areas of support required to meet each person’s individual needs, wishes and aspirations.
We ensure support/care plans are reviewed regularly so that they continue to be appropriate and effective. The Plan will be monitored to ensure that individual goals are being met and new goals set to ensure people are assisted to reach their potential.

In order to maintain our standards of excellence, each Client’s complete satisfaction is paramount. We carry out an initial personal assessment in the Client’s own home in order to determine each person’s individual circumstances and requirements. This includes a Manual Handling and Environmental assessment. Then we complete a full risk assessment of your home and record all of this information in your Care or Support Plan. At the same time we discuss our Terms of Business and fully inclusive charges, together with the various methods of payment. Once completed we ensure that we select only the most suitable candidate for each particular assignment. We regularly monitor the standard of service we offer, encouraging feedback of complements, complaints or constructive criticism.

Most specialist needs can be catered for, whether of a physical or mental nature by staff with the appropriate knowledge and expertise. We ensure that all Care Workers are as reliable and dependable as possible and ensure continuity of supply, only replacing Care Workers where legitimate circumstances arise that necessitate it and are beyond our control. We pride ourselves on proving continuity of care and our carers build strong relationships with their clients that are often formed for years.

All staff undergo a thorough application process, we guarantee our Nurses and Carers are fully compliant and ready to work without delay. We take pride in delivering the best standards of care ensuring each Service User receives the care they deserve.

Some of our services include:

  • General companionship
  • Washing and dressing
  • Help with going to bed
  • Medication assistance
  • Shaving
  • Cooking meals
  • Light household duties, such as cleaning and laundry
  • Shopping for food and small general household items
  • Night sitting / sleepover service
  • Accompanied visits to appointments and social outings
  • Paying bills, collecting pensions,

Direct Payments

More and more Local Authorities are offering their Service Users a Direct Payment, Personal or Individual Budget which can give you much more say in how you spend your care funds.
We are able to support individuals on Direct Payments, If you would like more advice on how to obtain direct payments, you can contact the direct payments department at your local Social Services, or if you have an existing social worker they will be able to give you more information.

Services are tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes and can be provided from a quarter of an hour visit up to 24-hours support.
For further details about the services available please contact the branch by calling us or by email form on our contact page.


What Are Our Hourly Care Fees?

Our hourly visiting care service is arranged around what you require; everybody is different and that’s why we take the time to understand your unique requirements.

With a choice of 30, 45 or 60 minute calls (and multiple hours if needed) as well as sleep-in support, we have the experience and flexibility to meet your needs – and because our service is so flexible, we can change our service as your needs change.

Call our customer service team today who will be happy to go through the costs. Costs differ depending if care is needed in the week, the weekends or bank holidays and we will make you aware of this on the phone call – there are no hidden costs. Our hourly care customer service advisor will tell you everything you need to know to ensure you get the right amount of care. The team are ready to talk to you today, call us on Tel: 0114 265 0342 or Mob: 07528661700.


Respite care

We offer relief of respite care, in your home. We help with laundry, nourishment, personal hygiene care, Help clients to maintain medication and therapy schedules or running errands, live-in respite care helps relieve some of the challenges faced and gives clients and families that much needed support.

Complex care

We offer one-to-one care specifically tailored for those affected by Complex health conditions which require continuous care but prefer staying in their own home , for example : Respite care for adults with special needs, disabilities like down syndrome.

Dementia care

There are several types of Dementia with the common one being Alzheimer that affects about 60% of Dementia sufferers. Dementia affects different parts of the brain that deal with speech or memory. individual symptoms differ depending on which type of Dementia affecting the individual.

individuals affected by Alzheimer’s may have trouble making sense of orientation, place or time. some may become aggressive and may need continuous assurances as they may quickly get confused and distressed. they can find it difficult to make sense of things around them, distinguishing between hot and cold which puts them at high risk of harming themselves unaware. They may lack sense of touch or sense becoming weaker, dropping things on floor or finding it difficult to carry out daily tasks or fiddly tasks like doing buttons on their clothes.

Dementia  mostly progresses in the following stages but may differ in individuals:


STAGE 1. Will appear normal and can cover up lapses.

STAGE 2. Forgets certain things but can carry out daily tasks and activities of daily living.

STAGE 3. Difficult to work out things, becomes anxious and family becomes aware of changes.

STAGE 4. Deterioration in ability count, finds travelling confusing and difficult and can no longer manage  their own affairs.

STAGE 5. Needs help with dressing.

STAGE 6. May be incontinent or needing help with toileting, eating. may be disoriented or forget identity

STAGE 7. Incontinence,, needs feeding,  motor stiffness, severe loss of speech and total disorientation.

For more information about Dementia please follow this link

Night Care

Manuintegrity Services provides you with security and safety of knowing that there is someone looking after you all night. Our staff will provide care when ever needed and support.

Live in Care

We provide high quality care in the comfort of your home round the clock. This is a 24/7 care package and delivers personalized support services that promote independence including complex neurological conditions, acquired brain injury and spinal injury. We can also assist with specialist health care tasks such as PEG feed, catheter care and bowel management and work in complete partnership with our service users and their families.

Hospital Discharge care

This service is offered in the comfort of your home. It provides you with the specific care that you need to regain your independence as much as possible following a period of time in hospital.

Palliative care

At Manu Integrity Services Ltd (MIS) we know how important to you and your loved ones to have support at this final stage of life where we would come in to relieve care with our expert carers and nurses. Our skilled and sensitive end of life care for clients and their families will aid their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Social companionship

Our Companionship service ranges from a few hours at a time upwards, this service is to help alleviate loneliness; it’s especially suited for clients who have just returned home from hospital.

Nurse Visiting Senior Male Patient In Bed At Home Writing Notes.


Personal care

Caring for someone who is disabled or is otherwise unable to care for themselves can be difficult especially when it comes to a family member and that’s where we can come in and provide a specialized personal care to meet all your requirements and the service users needs.Help with getting up and going to bed, bed making. Assisting personal hygiene such as to wash and dress, oral care, Skincare/Hair care – bathing, showering, and shaving. Feeding/Mealtime Support, Continence management. Medication prompting. and many more. Light Cleaning and vacuuming to maintain a safe environment.

Domestic cleaning services

We offer a regular home cleaning service either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or as required. You choose a frequency to suit your needs and budget. Spring cleans, one-off cleans, end of tenancy cleans can also be catered for. Our objective is to provide you with a consistent, high standard of cleaning customized to suit your specific needs. Our staff prides themselves on the quality of their work, ensuring that they leave your home clean & fresh every visit.

Covid 19 Updates

The government is removing remaining domestic restrictions in England.

There are still steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19

  • ·        Get vaccinated
  • ·         Let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside
  • ·         Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces
  • ·         Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and stay at home if positive.

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